Assistance with tax controls

In assessment of and/or access to your company by parties appointed by the Financial Administration for a tax assessment, the timely assistance of an expert is crucial.

With questionnaires, assessment reports, irregularity notifications or if Tax Authorities should visit your company, our team will guarantee prompt, professional assistance with the assessors and during a tax dispute.

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  • Assistance on site if your company is visited;
  • Analysis and control of requests;
  • Objections and/or explanations to competent authorities;
  • Preparation of dossiers (illustrative reports);
  • Assistance when signing the report;
  • Preparation of appeals;
  • Assistance in the legal stage.

Our professional parties can manage all the assessment stages, providing advice on the best strategy to be adopted and all necessary clarifications to both client and assessors.

With adequate assistance in all assessment stages, you can obtain adjustments to sanctions applied, also because of objections raised and illustrative reports produced.

If objections raised by the Financial Administration should not be sound, also considering illustrative reports produced, we assist clients with preparing and presenting an appeal to the competent Provisional Tax Commissions to protect our clients’ interests.