Audit & due diligence

Are you considering acquiring a target company, but do not have the tools needed to assess it? Do you need a qualified auditing team?

For over 30 years, Ascon, with its experts, has been providing auditing and due diligence services for acquisition operations, and for account audit purposes.

When a company wants to acquire a competitor company, a careful analysis of the latter’s books, financial and fiscal, is fundamental.

It is crucial to find out all there is to know about the target company before making an offer in an acquisition.

The following are particularly important:

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  • accounts audit to assess reliability of accounts to be able to recognise the truth of data entered, to make the assessment needed;
  • legal audit: if important commercial and/or agency agreements have to be assessed, still for a full, global assessment;
  •  tax audit : accurate analysis of the target company’s tax position is crucial to avoid future unpleasant tax assessments for that company’s errors or negligence.

With its experts, Ascon can carry out precise, complete audits and provide a detailed, final report to enable clients to make the right decisions.

The purpose of what we do is to:

  • secure the investor in the project to be accomplished;
  • inform the investor of all important elements found to permit appropriate evaluation;
  • provide all elements required to negotiate the final price;

identify operations to be carried out straight after acquisition.