Employment consultancy in Padua and Milan

Ascon includes a payroll department for the management of all labour law requirements. The team, led by the experienced labour consultant, is able to follow the day-to-day personnel management of client companies.

Labour consultant services

  • Analysing the client’s position and assessing the most suitable form of contract for the needs required;
  • Prepare salary simulations to best estimate the overall cost of the employee;
  • Prepare recruitment promises based on the client’s needs
  • Prepare all employment contracts;
  • Comply with the legal notifications to the competent bodies (UNILAV-INPS-INAIL);
  • Handling the end of contracts (resignations and dismissals);
  • Payroll processing;
  • Preparing year-end statements for the correct allocation of personnel costs;
  • Ongoing assistance and advice in labour law matters;
  • Possibility of managing staff attendance via an integrated web platform