Outsourced bookkeeping – outsourced accounting services

A good accounting system and a correct management of the accounts are today fundamental for the success of the business. The evolution of the markets and the information technology require a constant monitoring of the economic and financial performance of the company, which is only possible with an adequate accounting system able to promptly detect every event and translate it into objective and readable accounting data to allow any timely intervention.

Ascon, through its structure made up of qualified professionals, is a company that has specialised for over 40 years in the accounting-fiscal-financial assistance of its clients. Therefore, Ascon aims to provide precise, punctual and timely accounting consultancy in order to meet the daily challenges that require all companies to be able to adapt to market requirements, but at the same time with constant control and monitoring of their economic and financial performance to optimise resources and results.

Our services are aimed at:

  • Companies;
  • Partnerships;
  • Individual companies;

Services offered

Company incorporation in Italy and abroad

Assistance to the client in all the preparatory phases of the incorporation of the company, analysis of the different corporate structures, of the different types of governance in order to better advise the client on the most suitable corporate form for the client’s type of business.

Management of administrative formalities for the start-up of the activity

Request for a tax code and/or VAT number from the Agenzia Entrate, verification of the authorisations needed to start the business at the relevant municipality, communications to the Chamber of Commerce, preparation and endorsement of company books.

Company Domiciliation

Possibility of establishing the registered office of your business at our premises with the management of correspondence and also of certified e-mail.

Bookkeeping in accordance with correct ISA-Italy accounting principles

Analysis of the chart of accounts and setting it up according to the client’s business for the correct recording of management data, possibility of accounting management by cost centres for a better control of the performance of the various business areas.

Outsourced accounting support directly at your premises

With our outsourcing service, we are able to provide accounting support directly at the customer’s premises, either with our own or the customer’s software, or remotely via highly reliable and secure online access.

Budget analysis and reporting

In order to manage one’s business in the best possible way, it is necessary to control it using precise and certain parameters. Through preventive budget analysis and appropriate economic and financial reports, we help our clients to understand the needs of the market and to anticipate decisions in order to avoid errors that are reflected in operating costs that are sometimes difficult to recover.

Management Control

In such a frenetic and constantly evolving market, control is fundamental to know exactly where you stand and to be able to make decisions in a timely and punctual manner; with a correct accounting approach, a correct administrative management of information flows, set up an effective and functional management control to allow you to make correct and well-considered choices and avoid approximations that could put the company in economic and/or financial difficulty.