Management consultancy and company organisation

In this historical period, company management is of crucial importance, to manage the company and find the best strategies. That is why management consultancy and assistance play an important role and Ascon, with its experts, can provide the right support for all needs.

Strategic analysis:

Our company offers all services needed by companies to assess their financial and strategic position. In a changing market, all companies need strategic analysis for internal analysis purposes; to be able to deal with market challenges.

Strategy stages are:

  • Exogenous analysis: environmental analysis to grasp threats and opportunities and define potential strategies;
  • Company analysis: analysis of strengths and weaknesses to assess the feasibility of strategic alternatives and sum up the endogenous/exogenous  strategy better: the so-called SWOT Analysis;
  • Analysis of reference market;
  • Analysis of the culture and inter-subjective agreements (between stakeholders)
  • Implementing the Plan.
  • Reporting:

The macro-economic scenario’s growing complexity increases the difficulty had with coordinating the various company areas and achieving goals.

Companies must, therefore, move towards reporting, as a tool to:

  • analyse critical success factors;
  • determine the Key Performance Indicators, used to inform management of how the company is behaving;

Company reporting includes the best management control techniques and instruments for companies operating on the market today.

Our company also provides a reporting service based on client needs, activities carried out and critical areas identified, for which greater control is needed.


Adequate company reporting enables management to prepare financial and/or commercial budgets more specifically. These ensure the best management choices to respond to market needs.